SOLD: Used thermal CTP System AGFA Avalon N16 50 E for sale zu verkaufen (Same as Screen Ultima 16000)

AGAF Avalon N16-50-E and PlateManager
Laser: 830 nm infrared laser GLV -technique
Plate thickness: 0.15 - 0.40 mm
Plate size: Maksimi 1470 x 1165 mm, min. 650 x 550 mm
Ablation remover System has ablation dust remover system
Productivity 2400 dpi: 16 max size plates/hour
Plate loading: Automatic loading, 2 cassettes
Resolutions: 1200 and 2400 dpi
Punching Bacher 780
Processor Agfa Elantrix HX 125 (G & J)
No workflow, only Apogee TIFF spooler
Total outputted amount of square meters approx 25000
RIP cn be offered separatly