SOLD: Used Thermal CTP AGFA Avalon N8-70 XT for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

We can offer you the following machine subject to prior sales.

Agfa Avalon N8-70 XT

Aged march 2009

2400 DPI

Maximum plate size 1160x940 mm

Minimum plate size 450x370 mm

Plate thickness 0,15 mm up to 0,30 mm

Plates to be used Thermostar P 970

                             Energy lite

                             Azura (TS)



48 PPH ad 2400 DPI

Tower lights

N8/N12 HB bacher 425 mm Punch

N8/N12 HB Bacher 780 mm punch

N8/70 Conveyor

N8-AL Multiloader 4 Cassetes

Air filter Avalon N8 70 XT

Elantrix 125 HX


Laser bar changed two weeks ago

Machine can be seen in production

Available end of April 2015 bearing unforeseen circumstances

Machine is still under full maintenance contract from AGFA