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Suprasetter A75 GenIII

Year: 2010 

+ Kodak 

Developing machine and stacking device


Model: XL 75-6-P

year: 2010

Counter Total: 116.695.659


Model: SM 52-4

year: 2002

Counter Total: 116.273.336


Model: SM 52-2-P

year: 1999


TD-52 FD-52 1.TD-52/4 2.TD-52/4 SAK

Installation via SAP in 2004

year: unknown


Manufacturer: Polar 

Model: 92 X

year: 2004



Manufacturer: Polar  

Model: RA-2


Manufacturer: Polar 

Model: 78 ES

year: 1999


Manufacturer: Heidelberg

Model: Tiegel 25x35


Manufacturer: Heidelberg

Model: Zylinder 54 x 72


Manufacturer: Ricoh 

Model: Pro C7100s

with Maintenance contract 


Color Total: 2990968

B/W Total: 551768


mbo-falzmaschine 4/4 sword



Manufacturer: Nagel 

Model: Citoborma 280


Manufacturer: Nagel 

Model: Citoborma 480 AB


Manufacturer: Nagel 

Model:  Citoborma 280 B



Manufacturer: Horizon 

Model: stitchliner 5500

year: 2003

mit komplett mit 4 türmen a 10 fächer 

(3x year 2008)

Air-Suction Collator VAC-100m Serial No. 007304

Air-Suction Collator VAC-100m Serial No. 409318

Air-Suction Collator VAC-100m Serial No. 409319

Air-Suction Collator VAC-100a Serial No. 408068

Stacker Receiving Tray ST-40 Serial No. 008107

Accumulate & Folder ACF-30 Serial No. 005003

Saddle Stitcher SPF-30 Serial No. 005001

Three-Knife Trimmer HTS-30 Serial No. 004010

Trimmings Blower TB-30 Serial No. 005020


Manufacturer: Horizon 

2 towers with 10 compartments for canning / spare parts



Manufacturer: Collator VAC-100c 

Air-Suction Collator VAC-100a 


Electric forklifts

Manufacturer: Sichelschmidt 

year: 1992


Electric forklifts

Manufacturer: Jungheinrich

year: 2017