Complete Printshop from germany for sale/ Kompletter Druckerei zu verkaufen - Falzmaschine/ Sortiereinheit/ Hefter/ A3/ A4/ Schneidemaschine - Isack Steis

Package from one place in germany:


Printing machine: ABDICK 9840

Plate format: 330 x 492

Kompac dampening system

Mirror roller

Squeegee unit for coloring (new)

Printing and impression cylinders

must be readjusted

plus material:

1 blanket new

100 printing plates


Printing machine: ABDICK 350 cd

Plate size: 254 x 381

Kompac dampening system

1 new application roller (reserve)


Folding machine: GRAFIpli 3810 S


2 folding pockets

1x grooves / grooves

Perforate 2x

Counter: FKS series 3800


Sorting unit: Duplo DC-10 mini

Gathering up to 10 sheets of A3


Stainless steel table

vertically / horizontally adjustable


Stapling unit: NAGEL Foldnak 8


Brochure Street

(up to 10 sheets DIN A3)


Trimmer: NAIL


Cutting machine: EBA 551 LT


Side table left (NEW - not complained)

plus replacement knife with assembly tool


Package Price: on request

Hinweis: Bitte die mit * gekennzeichneten Felder ausfüllen.