SOLD: Complete Printshop from one Place in Germany as package for Sale/ Komplette Druckerei in Deutschland zu verkaufen

Printery from one Place in Germany as package for Sale:


Manufacturer: Heidelberger

Model: Quickmaster

2 colors.

automatic plate feeder, inserter.

Year: 2008

well maintained.


Manufacturer: Heidelberger

Model: Tiegel

Roll set (4pcs) new

Year: approx. 1970


cutting machine

Manufacturer: Polar Mohr

Model: Type E 92

incl. 5 knives

Top condition, regular maintenance

Year: 1995


folding machine

Manufacturer: Multipli

Model: 35 by MB

Year of construction approx. 2008

have new rollers in






drilling machine

Manufacturer: CitoBorma

Model: 280 B

2 heads


Stapling machine Multinak S

2 stitching heads



Manufacturer: Sack

for 50x70

with vanity unit and 10 drawers.


Various cabinets


Package Price: on request