SOLD: Printery from germany for Sale

Printery for Sale


Manufacturer: Heidelberger 

Type: Tiegel

Machine No .: T 133251 N

including pollinator

Year: approx. 1960

with 2 punching plates,

Rollers should be renewed


Cutting machine 

Manufacturer: Herold

Machine No .: 5301

High-speed cutter S 65 ES

Cutting width 65 cm, narrow cutter

SCOPYLUX visually enlarged dimension indicator, S

Cut illumination, optical cut reminder,

Motor 380 Volt three-phase 50 Hz,

Two-hand indentation for immediate cutting release,

electric saddle adjustment,

Side tables made of cast iron and side angle,

Knife thickness 9 mm, knives need to be replaced


offset press

Manufacturer: Rotaprint 

Type: R 45 K

Machine No. 96136

Year: 1991 - bought in workshop-tested in 2003

with standard equipment - drawbar adjustable from the outside,

incl. alignment sheets for small format



Manufacturer: Nagel 

Type: Citoborma 180

1 drilling spindle

like new


Jogger OLA with foot,

agitator table 63 x 46 cm


Hand-Groove device



Package price: EUR 3500 ex-site germany