SOLD: Used complete Printshop from one place in germany for sale/ gebrauchter komplette Druckerei zu verkaufen

Complete Printshop from one place in germany


Grafopress GPC Adast


Heidelberg offset machine GTO ZP 32x46

Year: 03/72

Transformer defective (according to spare parts list no. 00.780.0030)


Heidelberg offset machine GTO 1 colors 32x46


Manual register plate punch for 46 and 52 offset plates


13 delivery trolleys with rollers for printing machines delivery

for GTO 46


Ryobi Endless Small Offset Press Model 985 CF inclusive


Ryobi printing plate punch RP 22 Bacher register punch

2-color printing mechanism, 6 "- 12" length


Pack Collator May car set FC-620WD


Banding machine OB 300, Akebono

Table width 39cm, depth 32cm


Steel pocket folding machine T52.3 T / 4

4 pockets, manufactured in 1996


Duplo Collator 2 x DC-8000S, Duplo Folder DC-48F, Duplo Stitcher DC-48SH, Duplo Trimmer DC-48T


Single-spindle paper drilling machine, Uchida


Paper Punch VS 25

Number of spindles



50 mm / 500 sheets (80 g / m²)

Drill bit Ø

4.0 - 6.0 mm

Insertion depth variable

6 - 35 mm

max. paper width

possible Hole spacing from paper edge

376 mm

35 mm - 5 mm

Table size

480 x 260 mm

Power supply

230 V / 50 Hz


180 watts

Dimensions (D x W x H)

340 x 480 x 470 mm


14 kg


Double spindle drill Citoborma 280, Nagel

Stacking height 60 mm, loading width 410 mm on sliding table,

Drilling length compensation

Hole diameter 2 - 14 mm

Adjustable drilling depth

Edge distance adjustable

Adjustment of the hole spacing with stop stones

2 drill heads NOT adjustable in distance

approx. 80 kg

380 volts

A number of different diameter drills are included.

approx. 80 kg

380 volts


Cutting machine Polar 80 EL


Control Junior light table, Bacher




Table for pattern and color matching with drawers

Height 95 cm, width 110 cm, depth 76 cm

4 narrow drawers

1 large drawer

Surface adjustable at an angle 


Available: All machines must move untill end of Juni 2021

Location: germany

Package Price: on request