SOLD: Used digital printing machine Ricoh Pro C 7100X for sale/ gebrauchte Digitaldruckmaschine Ricoh Pro C 7100X zu verkaufen

Manufacturer: Ricoh

Model: Pro C 7100X

Year: 2016

     - Vacuum LCIT incl. Banner Try

     - Smoothing and buffer pass unit

     - 3000 sheet finisher

     - EFI Color Controller E 43a with upgrade for the 5th inking unit (white)

     - Exchange kit 5th inking unit

     - Operator replacement component sets A / B / C

     - EFI SeeQuence Impose


Color Total: 2,136,653

B&W total: 944.005

Fifth Stazion Total 2,067

Fiery Rip

Defects: none

Availability: beginning / middle of June

Price: on request