SOLD: Used form printing machine Müller Martini Pronto RP for sale / gebrauchte Formulardruckmaschine Müller Martini Pronto RP zu verkaufen

Manufacturer: Müller Martini
Model: Pronto RP
unwinding unit 2203. Max paper rolls 1250 mm,
Remalinerhole, longitudinal section/longitudinal perforation, 4 pneumatic knife holders, 2 perforation and cutting knives, folding perforation station, range 6 inches – 18 inches, 2 upper knives, lower knives, dust extraction system, fabr. Spengler, 3 wet offset printing units, type 2200, pressure range 7 inches - 40 inches, blanket counterpressure cylinder, 3 film moisturizers, Dahlgren, wiping water circulation and cooling unit, with alcohol regulator, fabr. Technotrans, roller washing device, turning device, finishing station, type 2202, with intermediate and coupon perforation, with transverse perfo cylinder 28 inches, stapling hole 28 inches 4-row, hole spacing 80mm, folding apprature, variable from 6 - 18 inches, letterpress unit, type 2206, format range 9 inches-18 inches, turning device, punching insert, magnetic cylinder 28
year: unknown
Availability: now, already dismantled, video available