Used letterpress printing machine Bobst IRT.II. for sale/ gebrauchte Buchdruckmaschine Bobst IRT.II. zu verkaufen

Manufacturer: Bobst 

Model: IRT.II.

It is a rebuilt 2-color letterpress printing machine that uses flexographic clichés


Year: 1966

Serial no. 5305

Automatic feeder

Cliché execution:

- Thickness: 4.75 mm, details without the thickness / thickness of the cliché adhesive tape

- default: 2%

Solid board and corrugated board

Cardboard thickness maximum: 65 mm

Minimum sheet format: 100 x 300 mm

Sheet format maximum: 1,050 x 1,600 mm

Working speed maximum 3,200 sheets / hour

Manuals (German) available


Colors: We haven't bought any more colors in a while. Inks for letterpress printing are not allowed

dry oxidatively. (This should use inks from offset printing, in which the dry matter

is omitted, also work, such as B. the low-migration MGA inks.)

The machine still works, but prints with a large offset of approx. 1 cm in all directions.

So it can only be used for simple print images where the print status is not so

important is.

Location: germany

Price: on request

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