Used screen printing machine Borghoff & Wilk Duplomatic-R for Sale/ gebrauchte Siebdruckmaschine Borghoff & Wilk Duplomatic-R zu verkaufen

screen printing machine:

Manufacturer: Borghoff & Wilk GmbH

Model: DupIomatic-R

year: 1987

screen printing machine for curve printing


Planetary gear with 3-take-up positions, squeegee device

pneumatic squeegee head with vertical lift and fine adjustment conversion kit for conical objects (approx. 7.5 °)

Rack and pinion drive possible


3 flood squeegees (100mm, 150mm, 190mm)

6 squeegee holders (2 x 100mm, 2 x 150mm, 2 x 200mm) rack 800mm length, various gears and drive wheels 

Location: germany

Price: on request

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