SOLD: Used Thermal CTP Cron CTP TP-4664G+ for sale/ gebrauchter Thermal CTP Belichter Cron CTP TP-4664G+ zu verkaufen

Thermal CTP

Manufacturer: Cron

Model: CTP TP-4664G+  

Auto loader Al46-200N-H : No.  AL4601709190-N

Huaguang CTP 4664  

Speed: up to 29 plates/h at 2400dpi, size: 1160x960 mm

Registerpunch (2 holes, for B1, B2 and B3 sizes)

Software – LaBoo tiff downloader (isn’t a RIP, just a downloader)

+ Autoloader AL-46-200 - 1 cassette (up to 200 plates of the same size) – the printer used all 3 plates on 1 cassette.

Price: on request