Used Thermal CTP Screen PlateRite 8100 for sale/ gebrauchter Thermal CTP Belichter Screen PlateRite 8100 zu verkaufen

CTP Screen PlateRite 8100

-Thermal CTP Year 2005

-Plate Count: only 38,000 plates

-Exposure Time: 6861 hours

-Internal punch system

-Blower Unit External  Screen BU 800

-Min Plate Size: 450 x 370mm; Max Plate Size: 1160 x 940mm.

-Maximum Imaging Area: 1160 x 924mm. Plate Thickness: 0.15 - 0.30mm.

-Resolution: 2400/2438/2540 dpi.

-Productivity: 16 diodes, Up to 8/10 plates/ph @ 2400 dpi (dependent on plate type and size)

-Harlequin Rip version 6.4, computer and monitor

-In production now, available in December

-Included plate processor Lastra SM 82

Location: Italy

Price: on request

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