Gebrauchte Thermal CTP Systeme

Used Thermal CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105

year: 2012


38.088 h

Imaginghours: 3.784 h

178.631 Plates produced

3 Laserheads

Platesize: 370 x 323 mm up to 930 x 1.140 mm (Höhe x Breite) Plattenstärke: 0.15 – 0.35 Auto Cassette Loader 105 mit Drehtisch

Interplater 85 HDX Convenience Suprasetter 75/105 (95441

Plattestacker PST 360-L

Prinect MetaShooter Format 105 Version 11.0

MetaShooter Workstation

Availalble: middel of March 2017

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Used 8 - up size Thermal CTP kodak Lotem 800 II S for sale / gebrucht zu verkaufen

Kodak Lotem 800 II S

Software: 3.82.12

year : 2004

Autoloader with 2 casettes

Plateprocessor GJ Interplater 135 HD


Prinergy v5.1.2.2

168842Plates produced


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Used CTP Thermal Platesetter Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed for sale / Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen gebraucht

Thermal CTP System


Kodak B2 CTP-System

Chemfree production

Magnus 400 S-Speed Thermo-Druckplattenbelichter

year 2007

full service contract

27.000 plates produced

MCU, 3 casettes

up to 16 plates per hour

42 Infrared Laserdiodes


Prinergy RIP workflow:

Priergy Powerpack

Press Plus 5.x FILM

Advanced Preflight

Screening Staccato 25 Series for Prinergy

PDF Batch rapping

PrintLink Ink Key Setting


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Used Thermal CTP System Screen 8600 S / AGFA Avalon N8-22 for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

Screen 8600 S
AGFA N8-22
64 channels
up to 22 plates per hour
year 2007
With MCL
with Online Processor Glunz & Jensen Quarz III 125
FUJI Z Supreme 125 CD
year 2011
with Stacker

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CTP System Heidelberg Topsetter 102 used for sale / gebrucht zu verkaufen

CTP Topsetter 102 , Type 2310
Plate size max. 1160 x 940 mm (45,6 x 37 inch )
Plate size min. 650 x 550 mm
Resolutions 2540 dpi (max 4000 dpi)
Handling 32-chanals laser head
Working speed 13 plates/h
Plate windiny cycles 61423
Software: Workflow Editor , version 4.2 ( 2009.4.2 )
development unit , type PT85
Top Connect GateWay

Located Poland

Price: 19500 EURO

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CTP System Screen 4300 S used for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

4- Up thermal CTP
Screen 4300 S
32 diodes
year 2007
73.000 Plates
with RIP Xitron Vers. 9.
with ZIP 3
Located Finnland

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Used Themal CTP AGFA AvalonLF XT for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen




Accessory Kit


Avalin Chiller 50 Hz


PunchBacher 780 mm


ThermoFuse Air Control Kit


Universal Belichtungskopf LF XT


Elantrix 85HX TF Scrub Kit


Kalibration 8up


Kalibration Feinraster


Remote PC


Plate Loader mit zwei Kassetten
Washing unit Glunz & Jensen


AGFA Workflow Apogee 7


Plotter AGFA Grand SherpamaticAGFA Workflow Klimaanlage


200.000 Plates produced


Price: on request


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Used Heidelberg Suprasetter for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen


Suprasetter 74


Year: 10/2008


1 x Laserhead 17 plates per hour


12.656 plates produced= 5000 qm


504 imaging hours


Glunz & Jensen C85 washing unit with Stacker


RIP-Workflow: Meta 7.0 installiert / 7.5 v available


Price: 17.000 EURO


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CTP System Kodak Magnus 400 used for sale / gebraucht zu verkufen

Kodak Magnus 400

year: 2006

21.000 plates produced
Prinergy Aversion ist  5.1x
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AGFA Avalon N8 CTP system used for sale / gebrauchter Duckplattenbelichter AGFA Avalon verkaufen

AGFA Avalon N8
aged 2010
with rip Agfa
Elantrix St 125 S
Azura C 125
further details available in short time

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Used 8 up Thermal CTP Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105
Kodak Online-Plateprocesor
with Stacker
with RIP
further detials on request

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CTP System Heidelberg Topsetter 102 used for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

CTP Heidelberg Topsetter 102 (Screen 8600), type: 2340

Y/M: oct. 2005
+ Single Auto Loader (SAL)
+ L-bridge
+ G&J FLH-Z85 (B2) processor (Y/M: 2012)
+ Stacker
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Used CTP System Screen 8600 for sale / gebrauchter Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

CTP Screen 8600,  MFG. No.: 5989

Y/M: 2005
+ bridge
+ G&J FLH-Z B1 processor (Y/M: 2011)
+ Stacker
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Used Thermal VLF System Kodak Trendsetter TSR 4557 for sale / gebrauchter Grossformat Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

Kodak Thermal VLF System
Kodak Trendsetter TSR 4557
year 2006
Max plate-size: 1168 x 1473 mm
with Kodak Plateprocessor

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Used Agfa Avalon LF -Elite XT Thermal CTP Platesetter for sale / gebrauchter Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

Agfa Avalon LF -Elite XT  CTP System.
Installed April 2008
Under maintenance contract from Agfa.
Agfa Avalon LF-XT Elite Engine
GLV Head .
Punch Bacher 780
PlateManager with 4 cassettes
PlateManager Ready Kit Factory
Elantrix HX 85
Plate Stacker
Laser Hours on Standby: 36930.
Laser Hours in Production: 9140.
The machine has only : 13383 production hours.
Complete Analysis on Lased Hours Available.
Photographs Available.
Can be viewed in Production.

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Used 4 - up thermal CTP Platesetter Screen 4100 for sale / gebrauchter Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

CTP Screen 4100 Thermal CTP

plate developper Azura

Year: 2006

4 page format

Min format: 370 x 324 mm

Max format: 830 x 660 mm

Production speed: 14 plates per hour at 2400 dpi

Total number of plates produced: 8176

RIP: Harlequin is furnished with the machine

Very good condition

Visible in production in Franc

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Offer used Thermal CTP System Heidelberg Topsetter 74 for sale / gebrauchter CTP Belichter zu verkaufen

4- up thermal CTP
Heidelberg Topsetter 74
year 2001
32 diodes
with Multicasett-Loader
with Stacker
with Software-RIP
Located Germany, available end on May 2016
(Platecounter shows only 22.000 plates, but machine lost datas during new installation
the real palte-cont must be something around 60.000 plates

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Offer Used 8 - up Thermal CTP System Heidelberg Suprasetter 105 Platesetter for sale / gebrauchter CTP Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

8 - up thermal CTP System

Heidelberg Suprasetter 105

year 2006/first installtion 2007

with Autoloader

with Glunz & Jensen Online Processor

with Stacker Graphotek

with Heidelberg Metashooter (New Hardware in 2015)

205.000 plates Produced

Available in 05/2016

Located germany

Can be see in production

Last Service in January 2016

In full function good condition

Price: 15.900 EURO

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Used 4 - up Thermal Platesetter System FUJI T 6300 with SA-L OLP and FUJI XMF RIP for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

4 – up Thermal CTP
Fully automatic
FUJI Luxel T 6300
(Screen 4300 E)
year 2010, inallted in 2011
16 diodes
14.700 plates made
SA-L 4300 with two casettes
with Fuji Onlineprocessor
with Stacker PST
Punch Heidelberg W425
with FUJI XMF Complet 5.5.1
Room Proof
HP 1055 CM
Epson Stlylus Pro 4800
Loacted Germany


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Used 8 - up thermal CTP Kodak Trendsetter 800 II Quantum S-Speed for sale / gebrauchte zu verkaufen

Kodak Trendsetter 800 II Quantum S-Speed
year: 2006
142.000 plates produced
with Glunz & Jensen Onlineprocessor
Quarz III 85
with Stacker PST 36
with Prinergy Evo RIP-Workflow Version
Evo Preflight
Preps Floatig
with Server, Software, Dongel
Beil Beil Register Punch
Platetesting unit Stahl
Available now, Can be seen in Production

Price. 19.800 EURO exw. Germany


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For sale: 4- up thermal CTP System Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed used / gebraucht CTP System zu verkaufen

Kodak Magnus 400 S-Speed Thermal Systen

Chem-free producttion

year: 2007

up 16 plates per hour

9 plates per our with Kodak direct plates

3084 dpi

Multicasett Loader MCU


Prinergy Powerpack - PDF Production Tools (1)

Press Plus 5.x FLIM (2)

Advanced Preflighting (1)

Screening - Staccato 25 Series (for Prinergy) (1)

PDF Batch Trapping - 1 Engine (1)

PrintLink Ink Key Setting - 1 Engine for 4-page Printers (1)

Located Germany, canbe seen in production

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For sale: Used Kodak Lotem 400 Thermal CTP System / gebrauchter CTP Belichter Kodak Lotem 400 zu verkaufen


CREO Lotem 400 Quantum, square spot, shippable KMAT


Format 622 x 750 mm


Bj. 2001


Cat.No. 010-00229A


S/N L41107

Mit Brückenelement Conveyer zum Entwickler


Glunz + Jensen Interplater 85 HD


Model PT85


Serial 91714-0257,


BJ 2004




Grafoteam advant PST36


No M212336206, BJ 2003


Filter-Einheit CREO UDR


Serial DC2308








Serial HW07463, Integration 11/200


Mit Rechner Dell Poweredge 2900


Serial 6L310F1





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CTP System: Screen 8800 Z with MA-L Online Plateprocessor used for sale / gebrauchter Druckplattenbelichter Screen 8800 Z  mit Autoloader und Plattenentwicklung

Hereby we can offer:


Thermal CTP

Screen 8800 Z

year 2008

425.000 plates produced

with MA-L

with Online-Plateprocessor

Glunz Jensen 125 HDX

1- bit Tiff catcher

Available in March 2016

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Offer used Thermal CTP for sale: Screen PT-R 8000 II / Gebrauchter CTP Druckplattenbelichter zu verkaufen

model PLATE RITE 8000II
year 2004
complete with flow EQUIOSNET TRUE FLOW version 7.20
plate exposure 135000
hours exposure 7800

Located Italy

Price: 24.500 EURO LOT

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Offer for sale: Used Screen PT-R 8000 CTP Platesetter / Angebot gebrauchter CTP Druckplatten belichter zu verkaufen

model PLATE RITE 8000

year 2000

with upgrade Flow Version in 2012 Price: 9500 EURO

LOT, exw. Italy




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Used 4 - up Thermal CTP System AGFA Acento E for sale / gebrauchte CTP Anlage AGFA Acento E zu verkaufen

AGFA Acento E

16 diodes
year 2004
99.413 plates produced
AGFA Autolith LTD 85 plateprocessor

with RIP AGFA Apogee 6x

Located germany, available now

Price: 12.500 EURO exw.

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For sale by best offer Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum used /gebraucht zu verkaufen


Please make your best offer for the following System for a quick deal:


Kodak Creo Lotem 800 II Quantum

Year 2001, from first hand
with Squarespot-Technologie
Loader with two casettes
18 plates per hour
inkl. Stacker
Online Plateprocessor Kodak Mercury
RIP Kodak Workflow Prinergy Evo
Laser Change in 22.01.2008
2700 Laser  hours
Can be seen in Production in Germany
Video available also.

Price: 9.000 EURO ex-site make best possible offer for a quick deal.

Price for packing extra 1300 EURO

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4 - up CTP System Thermal used for sale Screen 4100 / gebraucht ctp System zu verkaufen

Screen 4100
(FUJI Luxel T 6000)
Bauj. 2004
80.000 plates produced
16 dioden
with FUJI XMF Workflow
inkl. Server
with FUJI FLH plateprocessor (offline)
with Stacker

Price: 12.500 EURO LOT, exw.Gemany, available now

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Used Heidelberg Thermal CTP System Suprasetter 106 for sale / gebraucht zu verkaufen

 Heidelberg Suprasetter 106
year 2012
HB Auto-Dual Cassette Loader
Glunz&Jensen MP85
HB Meta Shooter
12.000 plates per year in size 1030x790 produced
Further Infomations and Fotos on request



Price: 49.000 EURO ex-site

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Gebrauchte Violet CTP Systeme

Gebrauchte CtcP konventionelle CTP Systeme

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Gebrauchte Grossformat VLF CTP Systeme

Gebrauchte Zeitungs CTP Systeme

Gebrauchte Entwicklungsmaschinen

Gebrauchte Filmbelichter (CTF) Imagesetters

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